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Advanced Product Quality Planning

...making a smooth product launch

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Advanced Product Quality Planning


Advanced product quality planning (APQP) is a tool by which the product can be launched in a market successfully. There are many ways the product can be launched, but some of the important exercises are the same. 

As the name suggests, it is a planning consisting of the quality tools to make sure the product is built to the desired customer specifications and is validated.

APQP is a tool jointly developed by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.


Advantages of using APQP?


Some of the advantages of APQP are:

  • Systematic approach to product launch
  • Early Planning:
  • Early Supplier coordination
  • Coordination among all departments formally and informally
  • Reduced redesign
  • Opportunity to reduce cost before production
  • Working on existing issues on carryover parts to improve reliability

 Departments involved in the process of New Product Development/ Product Improvement

  • Design Team/ Functional Team/ Technical Team (Specialist)
  • Process Engineers/ Manufacturing Engineers/ Operations Team/ Scheduling
  • Supply Chain/ Global Purchasing
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Quality Department
  • Validation Team
  • Human Resource
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finance/ Accounting
  • Customer Service/ Field Engineers/ Reliability Engineers/ Post Production Team
  • Information Technology (IT)

Advantages of APQP for Design Engineers.

  • Identifying significant component. 
  • Avoiding frequent changes and redesign.
  • Capturing Failure modes in DFMEA
  • Identify and marking KCC.
  • Design to Bench mark.
  • Design for Poke Yoke.


Upfront Planning:

First three quarters of the cycle are dedicated to the upfront product quality planning through product/process validation.

Act of implementation:

The fourth quarter is the stage where the importance of evaluating the output serves two functions:

  1. Determine if customer is satisfied.
  2. Pursuit continual Improvement.


The goal of product quality planning is to facilitate the communication with everyone involved to assure that the all required steps are completed ontime.

Effective product quality planning depends on the Company's top management and the Program Managers commitment to the effort required in acheiving customer satisfaction.

Some of the benefits of Advanced Product Quality Planning are

  • Directing resources to satisfy customer.
  • To Promote early identification of

required changes

  • To avoid late changes
  • To Provide quality product on time at lower cost.

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