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Editing this page

Your Home page introduces your business and your Web site.

Write a summary, including a brief description of your products or services and your value and commitment to customers. This page sets the tone for your site and tells people what they can expect to find on other pages. Give the basics here and provide greater detail on other pages.

Let your customers know why they should explore your site

A business home page is similar to the front window of a retail business. Highlight your best products or services and any special offers here. Present your products or services value to browsers to get them "through the door" or deeper into your site.

Convince customers of your site's value to them

Consider what you might say to people to keep them coming back. You might mention how long you've been in business and how you show your commitment to customers. Be sure to tell visitors about your approach to business, your values, and your abilities.

It's a good idea to also post your contact information on the Home page for people who come to the site to quickly find your phone number or address.

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